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UVC Life Light is the new vertical of Cholan Groups, the premier Destination Management Company from South India. With Asia’s First UVC Based Products, a better world free from viruses is a sure shot.

UVC Life Light aims to ensure safety and hygiene everywhere during and after this pandemic with the UVC Based Sterilizers and Sanitizers, the New Normal way of Life.

  • First of its kind in Asia duly endorsed by Government of India
  • An innovative initiative under MSME
  • In-house manufacturing facility for bulk production
  • Highest quality and safety protocols in place
  • Extremely user-friendly designs
  • Lab tested, validated and CE Certified

  • Manufactured with Highest Quality Products
  • Kills 99.99% of Virus and Bacteria
  • Brilliant disinfection for any environment
  • Assures a healthy, safe and hygiene lifestyle wherever you are

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Future of Sterilization

The New Normal

Change is the only constant. UVC Life Light knows what it takes to protect the world. With the aim of creating COVID19 free shopping malls, schools, gyms, offices, and corporate buildings, we stand with sterilization. Our products will make the world a better and safer place.

" It’s not too late to realize and sterilize our surroundings."

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Offices and Meeting Rooms

Stop worrying about the pandemic while you are discussing your next big thing with your colleagues. A sterilized meeting room is the new normal office surrounding sought by your employees.

Medical and Dental Exam Room

A sterilized signboard will improve the confidence of your patients. Not just the sight but the aura of a deep-cleansed room will lift up the energy before a surgery or cosmetic procedure.

Hotel Rooms and Resorts

The best form of accommodation begins with hospitality and continues with sterilization. The new normal for clearing the doubts and fears of travellers, backpackers, honeymooners, and foreign tourists.


A thorough sterilization of the hospital surrounding is required to treat children, senior citizens, and all kinds of patients. If they need to feel confident about the surrounding, create clarity with optical sterilization.

Educational Institutions

From kintergartens to playschools, kids are more prone to contagions than young adults. It is a high priority to sterilize the desks, boards, doors , and classrooms before letting them in for hours of fun.

Fitness Centers Spa and Gyms

Before each workout session, enact the habit of sterilization on treadmills, barbells, stretch bands, yoga mats, gym floors, and lockers. Germicidal Irradiation is key to getting more clients and that’s a new normal gym.

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