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The spectrum of UVC products is indeed very huge and UVC Life Light has lunched range of products highly suitable for disinfecting and sterilizing homes, offices, large commercial complexes and even the smallest item which is very vital in everyone’s daily schedules.

UVC Life Light is registered under MSME and the products manufactured after extensive research and analysis are Lab tested, validated and CE certified. Also, the UVC based products are approved by StartUp India Scheme under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

UVC Life Light extends offering its UVC based products worldwide and used in multitude of domains like education sector, transport stations, cinema halls, child care centers, hospitals & nursing homes, wedding & party halls and lot more in the list. The specialty of our products is the high quality materials used in the equipment and fool proof methods tested and validated.


What Do We Do?

UVC Life Light has engaged in extensive research & analysis for designing and testing of an UVC based product. After validating the design and performance of the products in phased manner, UVC Life Light launches the product with CE certification.

How does UVC transform everything safe and hygiene?

UVC lights are no longer exclusive for the medical industry and just a cupboard sanitizer and sterilizer. With a wake and surge of COVID19, UVC light is the future of sanitation and sterilization. The UVC wands are the inevitable tools of everyone’s life at home, office and travel.

What is so special about UVC lights?

UVC lights are part of the lighting spectrum, just outside the boundaries of visible light ranges, called as ultra-violet rays, radiating at different ranges of bandwidth. The preset wavelengths of UVC lights, when irradiated, becomes capable of eliminating all kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, which have been the origin of all infectious spread of diseases.

  • 360 degree omnidirectional sterilization
  • Leaves no chemical traces, surface residues or odor
  • Built-in safety designs while emitting irradiations
  • Heat Resistant
  • Cold Resistant
  • Drug Resistant
  • Specialty of products from UVC Life Light:
  • Innovative solution to all kinds of disinfection platforms
  • Products are with highest quality and safest to use
  • The intense wavelengths disturb the overall structure of DNA & RNA molecules
  • UVC Lights destroy the genetic material of the micro-organisms and prevent them from mutating, preventing their spreading action.
  • All the products are designed and manufactured in line with the public safety standards

UVC - Approved Certifications

Make in India

Our products are not only premium but government authorised and approved. A list of laurels for our meticulous product quality and environment-friendly design. All your UVC Life Lights comply with the safety standard of the Indian Government.



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  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
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  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
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