Pandemic situation across the world

The pandemic situation across the world has pushed us into a pool of unanswered questions ?

1. Can you assure you are your family are not prone to any infections during your daily travel outside?

2. Can you deny the fact the environment outside is loaded with trillions of microbes and pathogens harmful to humans?

3. How do you ensure all your belongings, whether it is trivial or vital are safe from viruses?

4. Do you have any fool proof mechanism to eradicate the viruses suspicious to be present on the items and environment around you?

Most of the times, these questions may give the answer “NO”. it is essential that just like we getting sterilized with a bathe, gargling with salt water and change of our clothes, all our essential items in the office or at home like laptop, coolers, watches, keys, groceries and vegetables need to be mandatorily sterilized.

Siddha & ayurvedha Products

Immune Booster


Prana Dhoopam

Ideal to sterilize your environment with fumigant loaded with medicinal properties of eight plants and herbs


Kabasura Kudineer

Kabasura Kudineer boosts your immunity power, prevents infectious viruses like COVID19


Ayush Kudineer

Natural medicine boosting your immune system,with immense benefits of herbs and spices.

UVC - Approved Certifications

Make in India

Our products are not only premium but government authorised and approved. A list of laurels for our meticulous product quality and environment-friendly design. All your UVC Life Lights comply with the safety standard of the Indian Government.



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