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Our products are not only premium but government authorised and approved. A list of laurels for our meticulous product quality and environment-friendly design. All your UVC Life Lights comply with the safety standard of the Indian Government.

UVC-Lifelight-ISO certificate

Cholan Tours-ISO certificate

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Pandemic situation across the world

With the sudden wake and surge of COVID19, to address few of the challenges prevailing in the society, Cholan Groups wanted to step into the new arena of addressing the challenges society has been facing since last December. The prevalent spread and presence of Corona Virus is the foremost reason preventing the countries to resume their normal functionalities on the whole. In view of coining a solution, a new vertical by name UVC Life Light was started with an aim to research, design and manufacture UVC Based Disinfection Devices, which can solve multitude of environmental issues impacting the society. The breakthrough of using UVC irradiations, which had been proved to kill 99.99% of virus and bacteria sounded to be an ideal solution and UVC Life Light started designing the devices to suit the requirements of people across.

Also, we were very keen to deploy the technologies and manpower available in our domestic market, right from the in-house R&D team, technical expertise, skilled and semi skilled employees of our company directly or indirectly contributed to the development and manufacturing of the products using this UVC irradiance technology. We proudly record that all our products are completely “Make In India”, with all the raw materials procured in domestic markets. Our products have been endorsed by the StartUp India scheme under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

For any product to label its authenticity and quality is a mandate to speak about the quality of the product to sustain in the local and international market as well. Though we take utmost care in designing, manufacturing and testing phases of our products, we are keen to get our products tested and validated by the concerned testing facilities owned and/or endorsed by Government of India. So as to achieve that , our products are sent to various testing facilities of Government of India, and got validated. The certificates are the form of endorsements we got for the quality, performance and efficiency standards of our products, speaking about the credibility of UVC Life Light.

  • StartUp India
  • Quality council of India
  • gem
  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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