Portable UVC Disinfection Box For Smart Phone & Accessories

The New Normal

Ensure all your daily items get sterilized whenever you want with the new launch Portable UVC Disinfection Box, which will become a mandate in all houses and office very soon. A handy equipment to decontaminate all your daily essentials like keychain, wallet, mobiles, face masks and all other small items in minutes. All the items which we use essentially vital in our daily routines can be sterilized in this closed chamber where the UVC germicidal lamps fitted inside the device kills 99.99% of harmful viruses and pathogens that might be present. The closed chamber ensures utmost protection to the user without getting exposed to the UVC radiation.

The cute device with a top openable door ensures to hold smaller items and with the UVC lamp fitted inside, sterilizes all the items with much ease and comfort. And the highlight is, if the door opens before the process ends, light switches off to ensure the user not getting exposed to the radiation.

MRP : 8,999.00

Portable UV Disinfection Box Specifications

UVC Disinfection Box

Note : Just turn the timer clockwise to set for ten minutes or less. The timer will automatically return to zero, need not be disturbed. If you want to cut the process, opening the door will be sufficient to stop the sterilization.



Model Number


Lamp Wattage


Main Voltage

34 V

Bulb Make


Disinfection Time

3-6 Mins

Lamp Current

0.4 A


UV-C Radiation 2.6W

Dimensions(l X H X W)

38 CM X 20 cm X 21 cm

Overall Weight

4 KG

Specialized for

(Automatic on - off System)

Useful Life Hrs

11000 hrs

Packaging Type

Carton Box

Minimum Order Quantity

1 N

Applications of Portable UVC Disinfection Box

Commercial Places

  • Homes
  • Front office in all commercial spaces
  • Consulting rooms in hospitals
  • Client rooms in gyms and beauty salons
  • Portable & openable door System

UVC Chamber 9L / 22 Watts


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