UVC Cura - Lite

Smart Virus killer

Keep CURA Lite at your home, be sure of living in a sterilized environment, free from microbes and viruses especially COVID19. The CURA Lite, the recent introduction from UVC-Life Light is your ideal choice to disinfect the surroundings at your home, small restaurants, shops. The CURA Lite comes to you very handy to take it wherever you go and ensure a clean ambience.

The UVC bulbs fitted in CURA Lite covers the room at 360-degree angles eradicating all possible virus, microbes, and bacteria.

MRP : 14,999.00

UVC CURA - LITE Specifications

Smart Virus KILLER

Operating principle : With Three 15w UVC lamps, the UVC Cura Lite Home/Offices ensures 360 degree coverage with absolute dosage of UVC irradiations to decontaminate. Type a message

Model Number UVCLLCULT
Lamp Wattage 15W*3
Main Voltage 57 V
Disinfection Time 3-6 Mins
Lamp Current 0.370±0.040 A
Application UV-C Radiation 2.6W
Dimensions(l X H X W)
Overall Weight
Useful Life Hrs 8000 Hrs
Packaging Type Carton Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1n

Applications of UVC - Cura Lite

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Other Health Care Centres
  • Large Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls and Cinema Theatres
  • Wedding Halls
  • Airports and Rail Heads



UVC Cura - Lite

Smart Virus Killer

Take CURA Lite, stay safe from CORONA on The Go!

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  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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