Mini Smartphone Sterilizer for Android

The New Normal

An ultra-mini machine to disinfect your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other electronic and non-electronic objects in your workspace and home protecting you from deadly virus causing Corona.

A new normal ultrasmall gadget for all the invisible bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Just connecting with your smartphone is enough to activate the UVC light installed in this tiny device. Sterilize your office chair, notepad, pen, keyboard, mouse pad, mouse, water bottle, drawer, and table before you start working.

Mini Smartphone Sterilizer Specifications

portable Disinfection USB

This device is customized to suit the needs of a daily office commuter and white collar employees who are always busy with their smartphone. It is that easy to use this unnoticeable device with noticeable results.

  • Sterilizes all Electronic Gadgets and Others with UVC
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Connect with your smartphone and use
  • Dont expose your skin and eyes to UVC
  • Compatible with Android Smartphones (C-type Port)

Applications of Smart Phone Sterilizer

Commercial Places

  • Sterilizes all Objects
  • Can Fitted UVC in mobile USB ports
  • Not Suitable for Living things
  • Can Sterilize Groceries and Vegetables

Video Promo

poertable UVC Disinfectant

ultra-mini machine to disinfect your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other electronic and non-electronic objects

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An ultra-mini machine to disinfect electronic and non-electronic objects

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