Portable LED UVC Sterilizer

The New Normal

An ultra-mini machine to disinfect your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other electronic and non-electronic objects in your workspace and home protecting you from deadly virus causing Corona.

A standard UVc sterilizer that will suit all lifestyles regardless of working environment, vehicle, and furniture types. A few seconds of gentle hovering over the possible infected surfaces and things are enough to disinfect harm causing bacteria, fungus, and virus.

Portable LED UVC Sterilizer Specifications

portable Disinfection USB

The right investment for your family to stay away from the dreaded covid19 virus and other infectious pathogens that are invisible to human eyes.

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs and Viruses
  • UVC Lights at 254nm
  • Handy to Carry Anywhere
  • Sterilizes all Objects
  • Dont Expose Skin and Eyes to UVC Lights
  • Keep away from children
  • With Battery

Applications of Portable LED UVC Sterilizer

Commercial Places

  • Works Well on Surfaces
  • Sterilizes all Objects
  • Sterilizes Your Car
  • Easily Disinfects Your Workplace
  • Can Sterilize Groceries and Vegetables
  • Useful in Office Surroundings

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Safegurd You and Your Family

sterilizing of highly contaminated surfaces prone to the spread of infectious spread of diseases like COVID19.

  • StartUp India
  • Quality council of India
  • gem
  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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