UVC Car Sterilizer

Smart Virus Sterilizer

Fixing a car sterilizer has become mandatory as more number of people have started traveling after the row of lockdowns. Safety and hygiene become a critical challenge now and UVC Life Light offers an ideal solution. Get your cars sterilized in minutes. Travel safely and stay away from Virus and bacteria during and after the pandemic. The unique UVC Car Sterilizer from UVC Life Light is indeed a milestone product, when fitted in your car’s ceiling ensures to kill harmful and disease causing microbes and pathogens in less than fifteen minutes. Operated with remote controllers, UVC Sterilizer Elite is the perfect air sterilizer for your sedans, hatchbacks or tempos for hassle-free, safe and hygienic road trips.

MRP : 6,999.00

UVC Car Sterilizer Specifications

Smart Sterilizer

Operating principle : elimination of almost all the virus and bacteria with UVC irradiations from UVC lights providing maximum coverage of the area to be sterilized

Model Number UVCLLSE112
Lamp Wattage 11W*2
Main Voltage 34 V
Disinfection Time 3-6 Mins
Lamp Current 0.4 A
Application UV-C Radiation 2.6W
Dimensions(l X H X W) 29 CM X 16 cm X 4cm
Overall Weight 800G
Useful Life Hrs 11000 hrs
Packaging Type Carton Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1 N

Applications of UVC - Car Sterilizer

UVC Sterilizer Elite, disinfects the air we breathe and protecting us from the infections of disease causing pathogens.

  • Sedans , the “three box” bodies for comfortable travel
  • Hatchbacks, to travel with your near and dear
  • SUVs, the ideal alternative for larger families
  • MUVs with plenty of seating and storage spaces

UVC Sterilizer Elite / 22 Watts


UVC Sterilizer Pro, the most convenient equipment to decontaminate areas despite the size, identified to be with frequent people movement.

Features :
  • Highly suitable for ambulances, trucks, bus, cars, trains and flights
  • Operated with remote controller | max distance 40ft | no manpower needed
  • No chemicals or residues
  • Extremely safe to use to sterilize the vehicle before and after every trip.
  • StartUp India
  • Quality council of India
  • gem
  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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