UVC Tempo Sterilizer

Perfect Virus killer

Traveling by private or public vehicles has its own challenges in these pandemic days. Question of Safety and Hygiene remains everywhere and UVC Sterilizer Pro keeps everything intact. UVC Sterilizer Pro, the recent launch from UVC Life Light is the ultimate solution for sterilizing the air inside your vehicles. Be it a tempo, sedan or any other category, UVC Sterilizer Pro fits perfectly on the ceiling, kills pathogens and microbes prevalent in air by emitting UV Germicidal rays, that too within 15 minutes! UVC Sterilizer Pro is extremely safe as a Car Sterilizer, as, you will be instigating it with a remote even from a distance of 40ft. Fix UVC Sterilizer Pro in your vehicles, Be assured of a safe, hygiene and hassle-free travel, this time and every time!

Note: more than 6 Seater Vehicle needs to fix 02 units of Sterilizer Pro

MRP : 15,999.00

UVC Tempo Sterilizer Specifications

Perfect Virus KILLER

Operating principle : With two 15w UVC lamps, the Sterilizer Pro ensures 360 degree coverage with absolute dosage of UVC irradiations to decontaminate.

Model Number UVCLLSPR113
Lamp Wattage 15W*2
Main Voltage 57 V
Disinfection Time 3-6 Mins
Lamp Current 0.370 A
Application UV-C Radiation 2.6W
Dimensions(l X H X W) 66 CM X 16 cm X 16cm
Overall Weight 1.6 KG
Useful Life Hrs 9000 hrs
Packaging Type Carton Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1 N

Applications of UVC Tempo Sterilizer

  • Ambulances
  • Vehicles – Cars, Trucks, Buses and Trains.
  • Driver cabins in large trucks with containers
  • Vehicles operated by schools, colleges and industries
  • Parking lots, Bus and Train Terminuses, Passenger waiting halls and platforms

UVC Sterilizer Pro / 50 Watts



Smart Virus Killer

Take UVC Tempo Sterilizer, stay safe from CORONA on The Go!

  • StartUp India
  • Quality council of India
  • gem
  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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