UVC Disinfectant Chamber(20l)

The New Normal

How about sanitizing the objects vital in your daily life with much ease and comfort? Here is the UVC Disinfectant Sanitizer Chamber, decontaminating your objects in ten minutes with the 11W UVC bulb and High Quality Reflectors.

The UVC rays at the preset wavelengths reflect on the objects covering even the dead angles, eliminate the presence of infectious viruses, bacteria causing infectious diseases to human beings, especially the Novel Corona Virus. The UVC disinfectant sterilizer bag comes to you in a easily portable and foldable form. Sanitize your wallets, electronic gadgets, currencies and lot more and prevent the CORONA affecting your near and dear.

MRP : 3,699.00

UVC Chamber Specifications

UVC Disinfection Box

Operating Principle : Short wave UV-C radiation(peak at 253.7 nm) based disinfecting of all possible items protecting from germs, bacteria and viruses.



Model Number


Lamp Wattage


Main Voltage

34 V

Bulb Make


Disinfection Time

10-15 Mins

Lamp Current

0.4 A


UV-C Radiation 2.6W

Dimensions(l X H X W)

25.4 CM X 20.32 cm X 25.4cm

Overall Weight

1.5 KG

Useful Life Hrs

11000 hrs

Packaging Type

Carton Box

Minimum Order Quantity

1 N

Applications of UVC Chamber

Commercial Places

  • Portable and Foldable
  • Sterilizes all Objects
  • Fitted with UVC and High Quality Reflectors
  • Not Suitable for Living things
  • Can Sterilize Groceries and Vegetables

UVC Bag/Box/Chamber 20L


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Made with love for you

killing 99.99% germs and viruses causing infectious spreads of diseases like COVID19.

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