UVC Disinfectant Chamber(54L) V2

The New Normal

The all new improved UVC Chamber 54L V2 sterilizes all our daily essentials in the safest manner. The detachable steel trays inside the chamber help us to keep things assorted . The UV Germicidal lamps fitted on the parallel walls of the chamber assure enclosed omnidirectional sterilization. List of few things which the device can sterilize, but not limited to can be, laptops, ipads, wanity bags, electronic gadgets, packed groceries and vegetables and much more. The device automatically switches off exactly in TEN minutes.
Be Fearless in just TEN minutes | UVC Chamber 54LV2 does all the MAGIC !

MRP : 24,999.00

UVC Chamber Specifications

UVC Disinfection Box

Operating Principle : The UV Germicidal lamps on the parallel walls of the chamber emits radiations and kills 99.99% of germs and pathogens prevailing on the items and sterilizing it completely.

Model Number UVCLLCH54V2
Lamp Wattage 8W*4
Main Voltag 56 V
Disinfection Time 3-6 Mins
Lamp Current 0.15 A
Applicatio UV-C Radiation 2.4W
Dimensions(l X H X W) 35CM X 44CM X 34CM
Overall Weigh 21Kg
Useful Life Hr 9000 hrs
Specialized for (Automatic on - off System)
Packaging Typ Carton Box
Minimum Order Quantit 1 N

Applications of UVC Chamber 54L

Commercial Places

UVC Chamber 54L Variant 2 is ideal for places where sterilization is to be done at regular intervals for frequently used items To name a few

  • Homes
  • Doctors’ consulting rooms & Operation theatres
  • Smaller areas prone to frequent infections
  • Government offices where people movement will be more
  • IT industry where the electronic gadgets need to be sterilized frequently.



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Best Disinfectant Chamber

UVC Chamber 54L is bit lengthy and to name a few, Laptops, Dresses, Vegetable, Groceries, Documents, Currencies, Files and Folders, all electronic Gadgets.

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