UVC Disinfectant Chamber(80l)

The New Normal

The new advanced UVC Disinfection Chamber 80 L is the recent launch from UVC Life Light, a unit of Cholan Groups. With the advent of technology, the new variant in the category of UVC Chambers is designed and manufactured. UVC Chamber 80L comes to the market with sleek design and excellent finishing which includes UV Germicidal lamps decontaminating the items in enclosed chamber.

Features :
  • Front loading with four detachable steel trays to sterilize assorted items
  • Auto cut-off after fifteen minutes of sterilization and also when door opens preemptively
  • UV Germicidal lamps on parallel walls of chamber for enclosed sterilization

MRP : 39,999.00

UVC Chamber Specifications

UVC Disinfection Box

Operating Principle : Once the items to be sterilized are arranged in the steel trays of UVC Chamber 80L and power is switched on, the UV Germicidal lamps fitted on the parallel walls of the enclosure start emitting irradiation, killing 99.99% of pathogens and microbes, thus sterilizing all the items with 360 degree coverage.

Model Number UVCLLCH80L
Lamp Wattage 15W*4
Main Voltag 55 V
Disinfection Time 3-6 Mins
Lamp Curren 0.34 A
Application Disinfection
UV-C Radiation at 100 hr 4.9W
Mercury (Hg) Content (Nom) 2.0 Mg
Dimensions(l X H X W) 44CM X 48CM X 36CM
Overall Weigh 27Kg
Useful Life Hr 9000 hrs
Specialized for (Automatic on - off System)
Packaging Typ Carton Box
Minimum Order Quantit 1 N

Applications of UVC Chamber 80l

Commercial Places

UVC Chamber can be used whenever the daily essentials and most sensitive items need to be sterilized at regular intervals. This unique device finds widespread utility in the following areas.

  • Hospitals – Operation Theatres, Doctors’ consulting rooms
  • Huge commercial spaces where sterilization should be done quite frequently
  • Colleges and Schools where the essentials of the students need to be sterilized to ensure the safety and hygiene of students
  • Government offices where the employees need to sterilize their official and personal belongings quite frequently.
  • Shopping malls and beauty salons with more number of visitors



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Best Disinfectant Chamber

UVC Chamber 80l is bit lengthy and to name a few, Laptops, Dresses, Vegetable, Groceries, Documents, Currencies, Files and Folders, all electronic Gadgets.

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