UVC Surface Sterilizer

Keeps you safe, Anytime!

A handy equipment, proud Make in India product, first of its kind in Asia, UVC-Surface Sterilizer aims at keeping your house or small offices spick and span all the time, especially the infection prone areas like Kitchens. An easily portable device, UVC-Surface Sterilizer is lab tested, validated and certified. It is highly safe and extremely user friendly to carry anywhere.

UVC-Surface Sterilizer will be the new normal in every house after this pandemic. Ensure the safety and hygiene of your family members with this handy device, decontaminating your surroundings with a simple press of a button. The automatic irradiations emitted by the germicidal UVC bulbs kill 99.99% of harmful virus and bacteria existing in your house. Gift your family a safe house.

MRP : 12,999.00

UVC Surface sterilizer Specifications

Keeps you safe, Anytime!

Operating principle The three 8w UVC bulbs ensure the sanitization process with the irradiations at perfect dosage, designed to emit at preset wavelengths, killing the pathogens and microorganisms.



Model Number


Lamp Wattage


Main Voltage

56 V

Bulb Make


Disinfection Time

10-15 Mins

Lamp Current

0.15 A


UV-C Radiation 2.4W

Dimensions(l X H X W)

80CM X 19cm X 31cm

Overall Weight

13.5 kg

Useful Life Hrs

9000 Hrs

Packaging Type

Carton Box

Minimum Order Quantity


Applications of UVC Surface Sterilizer

UVC-Surface Sterilizer, with its handy size, can find applications in various places like,

  • Homes
  • Small offices
  • Reception areas of Theatres, offices, schools , colleges
  • Doctors’ Rooms at hospitals
  • Mobile units of transporters



UVC Surface Sterilizer

Make in India

It is highly safe and extremely user friendly to carry anywhere.

  • StartUp India
  • Quality council of India
  • gem
  • Make In India
  • CE Certification
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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