UVC Hand Held Wand v2

The New Normal

UVC Handheld Wand V2, the new improved version launched by UVC Life Light. With an elegant handle to carry the device easily, the two UV Germicidal lamps fitted inside emit irradiations killing 99.99% pf pathogens and viruses effectively. The device can be used to sterilize the surfaces of small objects, table tops, toilet sears, magazines, journals and lot more, which require frequent decontamination to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment.

Move above the surface of the item to be sterilized, exposing it to UV germicidal rays, gives you completely sterilized items and surfaces, lets you live fearless.

MRP : 5,999.00

UVC Hand Held Wand v2 Specifications

Deep Sterilization | This time & Every Time

Operating principle Expose the items or places to UVC Handheld Wand V2, ensure killing the virus completely.



Model Number


Lamp Wattage


Main Voltage

56 V

Bulb Make


Disinfection Time

3-6 Mins

Lamp Current

0.15 A


UVC radiation 2.4 W

Dimensions(l X H X W)

38 CM X 6 cm X 8 cm

Overall Weight

1.3 KG

Useful Life Hrs

9000 Hrs

Packaging Type

Carton Box

Minimum Order Quantity

1 No

Applications of UVC Hand Held Wand v2

UVC Handheld Wand V2 from UVC Life Light is ideal to use in homes and small offices where frequent decontamination will make the inmates more confident which is a feel good factor. To name a few in the list,

  • Homes – Kitchens, washrooms and toilet seats
  • Small shops
  • Table Tops, Door Handles
  • Journals, magazines
  • Groceries and Vegetables
  • Dresses and cosmetic accessories
  • Doctors’ consulting tables in hospitals



Safety Measures with UVC Rays / SOP for UVC Rays:

The history of UV-C rays dates back to many decades and they are mainly used in the field of medicines, wastewater plants, Food processing, various research and development organizations. The main objective of using these rays is for eradicating the presence of the pathogens in the harmful bacteria, virus, micro-organisms including Corona. It is also true that continuous exposure to UVC rays will cause ill effects on the user’s skin and eyes, a caution to be highlighted.

Given the condition that the entire world is fighting against the deadly Corona virus, creating awareness about this UV-C rays amidst the general public and strategizing the implementation of this in different modes has become the order of the day and a social responsibility indeed!

Despite the different ranges of wavelengths available for sanitization purposes, the wavelength between 254nm and 280nm are found out to make maximum damage to the presence of viruses. Especially the wavelength set at 254nm is good at destabilizing the viruses by attacking the DNA & RNA molecules leading to the complete destruction of the viruses. This is how the UVC irradiations from the germicidal bulbs react and protect us from the infectious disease causing pathogens.

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