UVC Hand Held Wand

The New Normal

The all new UVC HandHeld Wand is a mini sterilizer, ideal to decontaminate places and objects in homes, offices, shops and anywhere you want a quick cleansing before you want to use anything. UVC HandHeld Wand is very easy to carry anywhere with a sleek handle. Sterilize anything you want like magazines, ironing boards, toilet seats, kitchen corners and lot more, where cleanliness and hygiene matters.

Just expose the items or places to be sterilized to UV rays from the device, keep it for few minutes, get everything virus-free. The UV irradiation disrupts the structure of RNA and DNA of pathogens and microbes and prevent them from further spreading

MRP : 6,999.00

UVC Hand Held Wand Specifications

Deep Sterilization | This time & Every Time

Operating principle The UV rays from bulbs fitted inside, when focused on objects and places, kills 99.99% of microbes, pathogens and viruses



Model Number


Lamp Wattage


Main Voltage

34 V

Bulb Make


Disinfection Time

3-6 Mins

Lamp Current

0.4 A


UVC radiation 2.6 W

Dimensions(l X H X W)

35 CM X 6.5 cm X 11cm

Overall Weight

1.4 KG

Useful Life Hrs

11000 Hrs

Packaging Type

Carton Box

Minimum Order Quantity


Applications of UVC Hand Held Wand

UVC- Hand Held Wand is extremely useful in places where the foot traffic is likely to be more

  • UVC Handheld Wand is ideal wherever you want a quick deep cleansing process
  • Front office areas in offices
  • Client rooms in beauty salons
  • Kitchens, Washrooms, Toilet Seats
  • Consulting rooms of doctors
  • Operation theatres in hospitals

UVC Housekeeper / Handheld Device


UVC Hand Held Wand

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Open the doors of your homes, offices and complexes with more confidence and comfort.

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