Smart Disinfection Card

The New Normal

Smart Disinfection Card is an widely used product during this pandemic. The small, handy and easy to carry product prevents you from getting infected from infectious viruses and pathogens prevailing around in the environment.When the rows of lockdowns are lifted and the world is slowly returning to normalcy, protecting ourselves from the millions of harmful infectious disease causing pathogens and microbes will become an absolute challenge. Hand sanitizers and other chemicals may not be a viable solution when people have to be in transit for the purpose of education and work.

So, UVC Life Light introduces this Smart Disinfection Card into the local market so as to benefit hundreds of our co-humans who are with restricted movements fearing for infections. The handy Smart Disinfection Card works on the simplest technology synonymous to creating an invisible shield around you. Just by wearing this card around your neck, the ingredients inside the card acts as the shield preventing you from the infectious viruses attacking your immune system.

It is scientifically proven that the ingredients inside the Smart Disinfection Card does not cause any harm to the wearer. Still, there are few things to be noticed.

• Don’t use the Smart Disinfection Card, if found tampered

• Don’t rub your eyes after touching the card frequently

• Always wear the card outside your costume

• Don’t allow children to be curious to know about what is inside the card

• Keep the card away from fire and water Carry this handy Smart Disinfection Card and stay away safely during and after this pandemic.


Immune Booster

Contains the assortment of the best herbs recommended by Ayurveda and Siddha for improving oxygen inhaling capacity in the body. Create good vibes, good health, and a great environment with this natural atmosphere cleanser.

  • Made In Japan
  • Protection from Viruses
  • Valid for 30 Days
  • Anti-Chemical Ingredients


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Immune Booster


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Ideal to sterilize your environment with fumigant loaded with medicinal properties of eight plants and herbs


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Kabasura Kudineer boosts your immunity power, prevents infectious viruses like COVID19


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